Charity Jar
Traditional ways of charitably donating can cut into the amount the charity receives for many reasons. We have found a better, more efficient, more trusted, and safer way.

Our Approach

The old ways people made charitable donations is becoming a thing of the past and for many reasons, both from the perspective of the donator and the charity, it should. Collecting a jar of loose change has historically been a common way. As much as 25% of the donation amount can be lost due to converting the loose change alone, perhaps more if you do it yourself and value your time highly.

On top of that, you may need to mail your donation. Cost of postage makes your true donation amount lower. If you opt to do this with a credit card or traditional banking system, you expose your personal information. A cost that might be immeasurable in the event your identity is stolen.

All of the above adds to the length of time charities go without your much-needed and appreciated donation. Your jar of coins or console of your car filled with change could sit for weeks. Even longer when you add in the time to convert it to a transferable store of value.

Thanks to the advent of blockchain technology, cryptocurency, and the dedication of Donationcoin’s kind hearted staff, today we have a better way. That way is Donationcoin. It has never been easier, safer, faster, and more secure to give to those in need.

Meet the Team

It’s a humanity thing.

Steven Saxton

Steven Saxton

Lead Developer

An environmental, humanitarian, and political activist with a robust background in IT, project management, and entrepreneurship. 

Help Wanted


Network Infrastructure

Over 30 years professional experience building state-of-the-art networks, together with Steven, Crysx has built a world-class network for the Donationcoin infrastructure.

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